About Us

The exclusive reason for of Impact International, Inc. is the salvation of souls and their growth in Christ.


REV, BRUCE WOODMAN: Executive Director and founder of Impact International, Inc. is a veteran missionary with intercontinental experience in South America, Central America, North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. In 1959 his overseas ministry was launched in Argentina. God gifted team members serve on staff from the three Americas. They witness the salvation of thousands of souls in the Spanish-Speaking World – 309,025 in the last 17 years who indicated their desire to trust Christ, as Savior! Impact International is conservative and centric in its theological stance and a member of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability).

EDUCATION: Bethel College; Nyack Missionary Training Institute, Manhattan School of Music (Bachelor of Music), Columbia University (Master of Arts).
EXPERIENCE: 1951-1957...Word of Life Fellowship; Jack Wyrtzen: Quartet, 1962-1967... HCJB: Director of Crusade Evangelism -Music, 1959 - present... Executive Director: Impact International, Inc.
RECORDINGS AND COMPOSITIONS: Spanish: 8 Albums, 3 Hymn Books, English: 3 Albums.


RADIO: Radio Impacto will air 10,110 times per month, 333 times per day, in 22 countries on 310 stations to a potential audience of 247 million (Representing 75% of the Spanish-Speaking World).


HISTORY: Evangelism, Conferences, and Radio in the following countries:
SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela
CENTRAL AMERICA: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize.
NORTH AMERICA: Mexico, U.S.A., Canada.
CARIBBEAN: Puerto Rico, Aruba, Dominican Republic
EUROPE: Gernany, France, Switzerland.
Cost Effectiveness
STATISTICS point out that, considering all of the evangelical churches and para-eccliastical organizations in the USA, the investment of $400,000 brings about the salvation of one soul. Last year’s calculations with Impact International indicate that each $19.44 yielded one soul. THAT'S A LOT OF "BANG" FOR YOUR BUCK! In the transmission of our 15-minute, daily, Spanish broadcast on 310 stations, we pay for airtime on only 5 stations.The truth is that this type of coverage cannot be bought. It is the result of divine assistance and grace. Our entire monthly radio budget $6,289) is equal, approximately, to the financing of two missionary families; yet, the result is equal to, at least, two hundred missionary families!!! It is, actually, beyond measure.