Bruce Woodman welcomes you to IMPACT INTERNATIONAL!

The exclusive reason for the existence of Impact International is the salvation of needy souls & growth toward maturity in Jesus Christ.


    Recent Features

    • Hear our daily radio programs on your computer

      Radio Impacto is broadcast daily on Worldwide radio. You can now listen to these programs on you computer... turn on your sound and click below! NOTE: SPANISH LANGUAGE ONLY!!!

      Select Link To Current Spanish Radio Programs...

    • Hear Radio Impact International music favorites on your computer

      Turn on you sound and select from a list of 13 favorite praise songs sung by Brus Del Monte... Click below! NOTE: SONGS ARE IN SPANISH LANGUAGE ONLY!!!

      Select Link To Current Spanish music listings...

    • Radio Site link to download programs and music!

      Download current radio programs and impacto music... click below!

      Select link to Impacto-radio.Org.(downloads)

    • Bruce Woodman reports on San Antonio Huista!!!

      Impacto Guatemala Crusade

      We will meet in an open air soccer field and expect 2,000 each evening.

      Select newsletter crusade El San Antonio

    • Bruce Woodman reports on El Salvador Crusade!!!

      Impacto Guatemala Crusade

      Under the protection of God and the direction of Dr. Carlos Rivas, this church in the Murder Capital of El Salvador, catapulted from zero up to 10,000 members in just ten years!

      Select newsletter crusade El Salvador

    • NEW! Miracle in Merida, Mexico... a drunk receives Christ during a crusade!

      A drunk stumbles forward and receives Christ during our crusade in the 126 year old church of "The Divine Savior"... Yucatan Peninsula, Mexica.

      Select here for Full story

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