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  • A man by the name of Eduardo, in a drunken stupor, walks down the aisle of this church, "El Divino Salvador," the Divine Savior the first evangelical church in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, established 126 years ago)

    The year was 1994. From the platform during our crusade, I observe the drunken Eduardo together with others coming forward to receive Christ and I think to myself.... "THERE IS NO WAY IN THIS WORLD THAT HE HAS ANY IDEA WHAT HE IS DOING."

    After the meeting, Samuel May, Mexican Evangelist of our Impact International Team, takes Eduardo into the men's room where Eduardo empties 2 bottles of whiskey into the sink, renouncing his evil habit.

    To my surprise, Eduardo returns the next night and every night of the crusade.SOBER!

    Six years later, in 2000, we return for another crusade. Eduardo now sings in the choir and out of gratitude, he washes our car that night.

    Recently, we return to the same church for a special evangelistic rally. From the pulpit I tell Eduardo's story and ask if he is present. No hand goes up. Immediately following the service, an assistant pastor relates to me, "Two years ago, in 2011, Eduardo went to be with the Lord. For 17 years he was a faithful and productive servant of Christ."

    If God can illuminate a drunk like Eduardo with an understanding of salvation... "I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!! I AM HUMBLED IN SERVING SUCH AN AWESOME GOD!"

    THANK YOU for sending me to Mexico!

    Brus and Margie Woodman

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  • As Time Marches On... here is an interesting note: in 1887 when "El Divino Salvador" church was established, missionaries travelled by burro. Now, we enjoy the luxury of airplanes to take us to evangelistic events.